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Melomania 1.88 released

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We're glad to introduce the next version of our music collection software - Melomania 1.88. You can get this version from Melomania download page.

What's new in Melomania 1.88?

  • Re-established functionality of searching Google for covers and photos.
  • Changed way of quick search through collections: if no collections selected in the application, then search is performed through open collections only. If no collections currently open, then search is performed through all collections by opening them one by one.
  • Fixed issue of scanning audio CDs when there are some CD-ROM devices detected in the system, which are not actually CD-ROMs (some kinds of USB modems, USB drives, etc.).
  • The Associate button didn't work in the Album Properties window. Also it was impossible to associate an album with media by clicking the corresponding button in the Details navigation group. Fixed.
  • Fixed some bugs with moving albums from one collection to another.
  • Made some other small improvements and fixes.

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