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Melomania 1.89 released

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We're glad to introduce the next version of our music collection software - Melomania 1.89. You can get this version from Melomania download page.

What's new in Melomania 1.89?

  • Implemented ability of export the album covers into a local folder.
  • Fixed bug with the 'HTTP 1.1/403 Forbidden' error occurrence during cover art download for an album containing brackets in its title.
  • Fixed bug with loading data for the album "Machine Head" by Deep Purple in the Internet Finder: the incomplete list of tracks was loaded there.
  • Fixed bug with the 'Memory Out' error occurrence during retrieving data about Ozzy Osbourne and some other artists in the Internet Finder.
  • Fixed issue with loss of text formatting during exporting artist and album descriptions into HTML.
  • Made some other small improvements and fixes.

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Albums Grouping

Albums Grouping

Use the "View | Albums Grouping" menu item to customize the album tree grouping according to your preferences.

Window Bar

Window Bar

Switch between child windows of Melomania using window bar on the bottom of main window.

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