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Recommended Links

This section contains links to related websites, which we think may be interesting to you.

Major music resources

All Music Guide is a largest music database on the Web. is number-one online store in the world.

FreeDB is a huge online database to look up CD information. is a music data search solution based on FreeDB data and powered by PostgreSQL.

Digital music formats

ID3v2 is the most popular standard for tagging digital audio files.

FLAC is a Free Lossless Audio Codec.

WavPack is a completely open audio compression format providing lossless, high-quality lossy, and a unique hybrid compression mode.

Monkey's Audio is a fast and easy-to-use lossless codec for compressing digital music.

Vinyl-related resources

The Record Collectors Guild is online club of vinyl record collectors.

Vinyl Underground is a gallery of picture discs and colored vinyl records.

Developer links

Rocket Division Software is a company that specializes in providing system-software solutions for Windows NT/2000/XP/.NET/UNIX. We use their StarBurn SDK in our software.

Software archives

Download3k is an archive of free downloads for Windows. is a free downloads software, shareware, freeware center.

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Bread Crumbs

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